Art Therapy  and Creativity

When you find yourself in a difficult space, time or situation, you may find yourself feeling alone, stuck, trapped and frustrated. Understandably, at these times, talking and words may feel limiting, frightening or difficult as you try to re-connect, express and to process your needs amidst the darkness.

At times like these, you may find it beneficial to use both a combination of talking therapy and an array of suitable creative tools offering you the opportunity to not only invite more flow, awareness and connection into your therapeutic journey, but also inviting the possibility of more connections, choices and flow into your own life. As Oprah Winfrey says “We are all artists of our own lives”.

The creative tools can range from metaphors, visualisations, mindfulness techniques, imagery, body work, sand-tray, role play, music, reading, writing, poetry, photography and art. However, please don’t worry if you are feeling nervous or unsure about using creativity within your therapy. Primarily a lot of people think ‘I’m not artistic, so it’s not for me!’, but the refreshing news is, you don’t need to be artistic or a Botticelli as the sessions are not art classes, but do focus on supporting you to explore, express and process your feelings and needs. We will also be able to continue using talking therapy whilst gradually and sensitively introducing creative exploration and expression according to your individual needs.

Creativity has the power to connect the seemingly unconnected