“Reconnect to your needs in a safe non-judgmental
space for you to be seen and heard”

- Samantha Morris -



Getting To Know You

If you are suffering from any of these issues and more, you are not alone! Many people seek psychotherapy for different reasons. Some people may want to manage an issue, whilst others wish to explore and heal, or simply to be heard and seen in a non-judgmental safe space.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, please know that whilst it may seem very difficult, unmanageable or painful at the moment, you are taking the next steps to move forwards by reaching out for support.

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About Me

My name is Samantha and I am a qualified, certified and registered integrative art psychotherapist. I offer a combination of talking therapy and creativity, tailored to suit your individual needs. I hope to provide you with a trusting open space and support where you’ll feel both seen and heard and where you feel able to explore, to express and to work through some of those issues which may have been troubling you.

MA Integrative Art Psychotherapy (Merit) (HCPC Reg.)(MBACP reg.)
Certified and Qualified Life Coach
MA Music, Culture and Politics,
BA Music,
Exec PA Dip.



Talking Therapy and Counselling

Perhaps you may have felt stuck, stressed, confused, lost, ashamed, frustrated, upset or angry with your situation. As a way of coping or being accepted, you may have adopted and followed limiting beliefs, opinions, feelings and behaviours which may have been learnt either from childhood or within different situations.  For a time, perhaps you have coped either by yourself, or with some support, in the best way you have known how to. However, you do not need to walk alone and this is why I offer a safe, non-judgmental creative space for you to be seen, heard and to creatively explore and express your needs.

You are a unique individual with your own experiences and feelings. I understand this, and therefore, it's important to emphasise that I do not adopt a 'one size fits all' approach. Instead, we will focus on tailoring the therapy according to your own unique and individual needs. Perhaps you need to focus more on childhood experiences and relationships. Or it may be that we need to be more mindful of the present moment and working in the here and now. Alternatively, you may find that you would prefer shorter-term therapy with a focus on exploring how to better manage your situations in the here and now. As your therapeutic journey develops, we will continue to review your feelings and changing needs. 

It may be that entering therapy is new or you are unsure of how to invite more flow and release into your life. If this is the case, you may find that initially simply talking and being heard is right for you. Alternatively, my approach invites you to consider combining both talking therapy and different forms of creativity to support you to invite more flow, release, expression, healing and possibilities not only into your sessions but also your own life (and no you don't have to be artistic!).

Logic will get you from a to b, imagination will take you everywhere!


Art Therapy  and Creativity

When you find yourself in a difficult space, time or situation, you may find yourself feeling alone, stuck, trapped and frustrated. Understandably, at these times, talking and words may feel limiting, frightening or difficult as you try to re-connect, express and to process your needs amidst the darkness.

At times like these, you may find it beneficial to use both a combination of talking therapy and an array of suitable creative tools offering you the opportunity to not only invite more flow, awareness and connection into your therapeutic journey, but also inviting the possibility of more connections, choices and flow into your own life. As Oprah Winfrey says “We are all artists of our own lives”.

The creative tools can range from metaphors, visualisations, mindfulness techniques, imagery, body work, sand-tray, role play, music, reading, writing, poetry, photography and art. However, please don’t worry if you are feeling nervous or unsure about using creativity within your therapy. Primarily a lot of people think ‘I’m not artistic, so it’s not for me!’, but the refreshing news is, you don’t need to be artistic or a Botticelli as the sessions are not art classes, but do focus on supporting you to explore, express and process your feelings and needs. We will also be able to continue using talking therapy whilst gradually and sensitively introducing creative exploration and expression according to your individual needs.

Creativity has the power to connect the seemingly unconnected
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Who do I work with

I welcome a wide variety of adult clients who present different issues. However, I am also especially interested working with clients who experience:

Body and image issues
Sexuality and gender identity
Medical or dental traumas
Low self esteem and confidence
Imposter syndrome
Stress, anxiety and burn-out
Low self confidence
Professional or personal Identity issues
Relationship issues
Creative blocks in life


The Sessions

Initially, we will meet for one or two introductory sessions. Within these first initial session(s) we will not only be able to discuss your needs, but we will also have an opportunity to get to know each other, to talk about the therapy, and to decide whether we feel able to move forwards together. We will then take it from there…



Cost and length of sessions

£65 — 50 minutes


Currently, the cost for each session is £65 and they last 50 minutes (However, i do offer a sliding pricing scale with written evidence of employment and current situation for certain clients)

The length of therapy will be dependent on your individual needs and can be reviewed throughout your time with me.




If you would like to book an initial appointment or you would like to find out how I can help you, please contact me either by the phone number or email address below. You are also welcome to book an initial appointment through the online booking system and I will be happy to contact you to confirm.

T: 020 3900 2325

E: samantha@smpsychotherapy.co.uk

I look forward to supporting you to reconnect to your needs
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